NSC Community Legal Defense launched on January 11, 2019 to provide essential support to empower the community to aggressively fight to preserve family unity and ensure due process for all. 

To further this goal, NSC Defense employs a model of legal defense that is structured to respond to the current administration’s aggressive and ever-changing assault on immigrant communities. This model is simple. When the government engages in unjust and unlawful practices that result in the separation of families, the detention of children and adults and the deportation of members of the community, NSC Defense rapidly responds by providing a comprehensive defense by seeking relief in the Federal Court through litigation while at the same time engaging the community to be part of the defense strategy. By doing so, NSC Defense is able to provide the most effective and aggressive defense to ensure that families and communities are not torn apart by the unjust and unlawful actions of the federal government.

NSC Defense is also committed to supporting community and building community. It partners with law school clinics, pro bono law firms, community based organization, and elected officials to stand together in fighting for immigrant rights. NSC Defense is unique in that it is truly a community embedded legal defense effort, driven by a relentless direct-services provider approach in zealously protecting our communities rights against racist, xenophobic, and unlawful attacks that violate the law and human decency.